The Burrito Submarine

Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Maw

After fixing some small electrical problems with the lights in the aft of the cabin, the burrito submarine and its crew set a course north through the Green Sauce Sea. After traveling a distance of approximately 120 nautical miles at a depth of 2000ft, the crew came upon a great chasm in the ocean floor. The exterior lighting off the burritos bow could barely illuminate the great gaping maw that laid before them. The sauce was somewhat murky with small chunks of a strange luminous form of tomato drifting in a current that that swelled up from the depths below. As they peered over the edge, the members of the beefchunk crew couldnt help but feel like they were looking into blackest soul of the earth. It was as if they had found the requiem for every dark secret that has ever been held inside their chest, every dark thought that had ever crossed their mind, and every dark nightmare that had ever blackened their dreams.

A Sadness at Sea

The explorers are saddened today by the loss of one of their own. Shipmate Daymeson died after succumbing to what can be described as a severe ulcer, not so much an ulcer even, as a hole burned through his entire midsection. Daymeson was the first to eat a peice of an oddly shaped eel like creature found living amongst the shrimp near the salsa vents. The creature was feeding on the jalapeno buildup, which formed dark green outcroppings along the vents as the salsa was expelled outward. So concentrated apparently was the buildup of jalapeno inside the body of the creature that when consumed, it burnt clear through Daymeson. Daymesons personal belongings which consisted of his uniform, shaving kit, smoking pipe, and a picture of his wife Laura where gathered in a cloth and then jetisoned with the body out of burrito tube number one.

Hot Salsa

The intrepid beef submariners have reached the hot salsa vents on the bottom of the ocean floor and have discovered a new species of blind shrimp, which they presume will taste delicious once inside the burrito.

We Wish You Luck

May your burrito submarine and its beefchunk passengers dive deep into an ocean of green sauce.